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Here’s our second instalment of featured songs. It took a couple of weeks to get this out – a bit of a reality check for me. Between everyone getting sick at our house, our furnace breaking down, and having to work some overtime at my job, I just haven’t had as much time as I would like! But despite all that, pondering these songs has been good for my soul in these past days. They’ve helped to lead my thoughts in a joyful, heavenward direction on many occasions, and I hope they’ll be a blessing to you too!

First Love -- Hillsong Young & Free

I have known Christ from the time I was a toddler. I wish I could say that I have loved Him deeply from the day I met him, but the truth is that throughout the years, my heart has fluctuated between warmth and coldness towards my Saviour. The crazy thing is, I fully know that there is nothing better for me than to be close to Him. I don’t ever want to walk away from God – but I know I have a foolish tendency to go my own way. So I completely resonate with the opening lines of this song: “This is all I want, that the love I have for You doesn’t fade along with youth. Can You help with that?” I join in on this aching cry to God for rescue from my own fading love, and for the rescue of my friends who have walked away from Him.

Set me on fire like I’ve never known
I want to love You more as life goes on
So all of my days I’ll place
My first love first again

~ Check out Mark 12:28–31 (ESV) ~

Psalm 42 -- Tori Kelly

The words, “I need you,” are the words you would say to someone who you think can satisfy what’s missing in your life. When you need someone that much, it can feel as strong as thirst: an all consuming void that must be filled. That’s the theme of this song, drawn from the idea in Psalm 42 that our souls needs God in the same frantic way that a dehydrated deer needs water.

As the deer pants for the water
So my soul needs You Lord
I’m thirsty God, You’re the living water
And my soul, Jesus, it needs You Lord
I need You Lord

~ Check out Psalm 42:1–2 (ESV) ~

Make Room -- Jonathan McReynolds

There are some truths in this song that struck me hard. One, that what I want in my life is what I make time for. No one else chooses the priorities of my heart. Second, that Jesus, the King of all Kings, wants to live in me. He will dwell within me if I allow Him. He is not a King who conquers my heart by force, or against my will. So if I want my life to be surrendered to His good reign, I have to make room for Him. I hope that listening to this song will lead you to deep reflection on your priorities, as it has for me.

I find space for what I treasure
And I make time for what I want
I choose my priorities and
Jesus, You’re my number one

~ Check out Colossians 3:1–2 (ESV) ~

Overflow -- Rivers & Robots

When we meet Jesus, our soul’s search for goodness, love, and fulfillment, finds its destination. A door is opened for us to explore the fantastic treasure of who Jesus is. Over time, our fickle hearts may cause us to turn away, to drift away, forgetting what we have found. But should we look elsewhere, we will only discover there is no better treasure to be found anywhere. The depths of the riches of Christ are endless. If you have forgotten that, or have never yet discovered the riches of Christ, may this song bring you down to your knees in humble adoration and surrender to God.

Your love flows like a river to my soul
And You fill up my heart til it overflows
And so I bow
In humble adoration I surrender
Nothing else compares to knowing You God

~ Check out Psalm 23:1–2 (ESV) ~

None Other -- John Van Deusen

A part of this song goes: “I can’t think of anything better than losing my life for You, I can’t think of anything sweeter than shedding my blood for You.” Those lines made me immensely uncomfortable when I first heard them. To pray and say I was willing to “shed my blood” seemed a visceral and ugly thought in my mind. And to say that there’s nothing sweeter than that? Could I think that? Could I honestly say that to Jesus? After one listen, I almost dismissed the song. But the words haunted me for the next few days. The praises for Jesus rang in my mind and won me back to the song and to the beautiful truth of the idea it carries. Jesus is a King like no other: He is wise and strong, loving and gracious. He is worthy of my devotion, of my fealty. There is nothing sweeter than to follow Him to the ends of the earth, even if it means suffering and death. Because there is none other like Him. To lose everything but gain Christ is the greatest gain I could possibly choose.

Cause I can’t think of anything better
No I can’t think of anything sweeter
No I can’t think of anyone wiser
No I can’t think of anyone stronger
None other You my king

~ Check out Philippians 3:8–11 (ESV) ~